TkIGC Internet Go Client


TkIGC is a bare-bones client for playing the game of go on IGS (Internet Go Server). I wrote TkIGC mainly for my own use as I was unsatisfied with currently available clients that clutter my screen with too many buttons and features I don't want, or lacking ones I do. Don't get me wrong, most people will prefer more feature rich clients such as can be found here. The goal of TkIGC is to provide a simpler, more elegant, and visually appealing interface for those who would rather type out commands to the server than accomplish everything via mouse clicks.

Screen Shots:

These screenshots are a little dated, the controls along the bottom of the interface have changed.

A screenshot of TkIGC running on linux. (click image for larger view):

A screenshot of TkIGC running on windows:


You will need to have Tcl/Tk installed to run the source script. Tcl/Tk is available for most platforms. The windows .zip contains a 'stand alone' freewrap executable which runs even without Tcl/Tk being installed.


Unix tar.gz: tkigc-0.1h.tar.gz

Windows .zip:


Platform Independent Instructions:

Running the source script requires Tcl/Tk to be installed. Just unpack the .zip or .tar.gz file, cd into the extracted directory and run:


Windows Instructions:

The .zip file, in addition to the source files, contains a windows executable that does not require Tcl/Tk to be installed, simply extract the directory contained in the zip file and run tkigc.exe in that directory.

Please see the readme.txt file for more information about using and customizing TkIGC.

Notes, Limitations, and Features:


* simplicity
* explore alternate variations during play (right mouse click)
* step backward and forward through moves


* only supports 19x19 games
* not recommended on screen resolutions less that 800x600


TkIGC is a very primitive client, though I have been using it to play and watch games on IGS for a few years now. I work on it as a hobby in my spare time so development is not exactly rapid.


TkIGC is distributed as source code under the terms of the GPL.


TkIGC is written and maintained by me: Marc Greene ( Feel free to send me any comments or questions.